Medical Fair Asia 2016 Concluded!

Medical Fair Asia 2016 was a blast! For those who visited our Booth, thank you and we hope you enjoyed yourself at the fair!

At the fair quite a few products were on display such as the tono-meter, Mag-30, Almag-01, Almag-02 and other more specialised equipment.

Meet our Wellness Team with our European Partners

Our Booth!




Homeostasis – Balancing Act of your body

Diagram of life balance

Much like the rest of life, our body health is a balancing act. Nutrition, pleasure, exercise and hunger all vying for your attention.

Luckily, humans have a level of homeostasis in their lives,homeostasis a function of your body to regulate the functions and distribution of your all-important nutrients helps to keep us in balance for as long as possible. For example, consumption of tonnes of sweet and carbonated drinks would normally lead to a lower pH in any other body of water (AKA your body) but homeostasis kicks in and tries its best to regulate that acidity and flushes out as much as possible. The same goes with poor food selections and the lack of good selections.

So quit all that junk food and take in some good wholesome organic food or at least eat good ‘ole home cooked meals. Get some cups of fresh water to help your body clean out all the junk too!

There was an article I read about drinking 8 cups of water as a minimum everyday. Honestly, drinking water should be dictated by thirst so drink as much as comfortable, your body is not so unintelligent as to not know what it needs. (just the opposite in fact!)

To do list:

Drink 4-8 cups of water a day

Have at least one home cooked meal today!