Improving Cellular Health

Improving Cellular Health

The underlying cause of fatigue and many chronic degenerative diseases even cancer is basic cellular dysfunction. Maintaining a good cellular health means recognising that the internal and external environment of a cell and its membrane composition, communication and signalling pathways, enzymatic activity, and cellular energy production all affect the function of that cell and, in turn, the tissues and organs.

Therefore, the secrets to good health mean involving supplying both nutrients essential to cellular function, key protective antioxidants to protect cellular structures from being damaged by high sugar levels, toxins, and inflammation and maintaining optimum energy within the cells to carry out these functions.  Healthy Healing Solutions is about addressing three key areas of the cell.

The Mitochondria – the Sub-Cellular Powerhouses and

 Glutathione – the Master Antioxidant of our Cells.

Both have key roles and are responsible for keeping our body healthy and free from sickness and diseases.

Cellular Nutrition – Important yet often confusing and misunderstood.  The basic dietary and nutritional supplementation information are covered in the nutritional segments of the seminar provided.

The Mitochondria

Having optimal functioning mitochondria are absolutely vital to our overall health. We have between 80 to 2000 mitochondria in nearly all the cells and they generate 90% of all the energy needs to stay healthy.

When mitochondrial function is impaired, this disrupts normal metabolic signalling, which in turn DAMAGES Cellular and Mitochondrial DNA or causes a defect in the ability to repair the damage.


To enable our bodies to prevent and fight cancer and all major chronic illness and diseases, we have to ensure that we maintain healthy mitochondrial functions.


Equally as important and critical to health and longevity is having a healthy level of Glutathione within our cells.

Glutathione is the master antioxidant, the protector and detoxifier of our cells. It is the cell’s first line of defence against most attackers, namely free radicals, chemical toxins, radiation and heavy metals.  Having healthy levels of glutathione cannot be achieved by simply taking glutathione supplements as research shows that these approaches are largely ineffective. 



In recent years, scientists have come to realised that it’s not genetic mutations that cause cancer and diseases. We now know that MITOCHONDRIAL DAMAGE happens first.  Mitochondrial dysfunction produces reactive oxygen species (ROS) or some call it free radicals, which in turn causes DNA mutations. Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components caused by ROS.

Further research showed that the universal characteristic of cancer cells is that they have radically reduced the number of functional mitochondria. When the number of mitochondria increases, the proliferation of cancer cell disappears.

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Summary of just a few benefits of healthy levels of mitochondrial and Glutathione levels:

  • Less Cellular Inflammation

  • Reduced Joint Discomfort

  • Strengthened Immune System

  • More Energy levels

  • Greater Mental Focus and Clarity

  • Faster Recovery from Illness

  • Cancer Protective

  • Live Better and Longer