About Apcot

 Apcot Educational Centre Pte Ltd was established in 2007  to provide educational and consultancy services to both children and adults who just want to be healthier, happier, stronger, fitter and more productive in their lives.

  Apcot Wellness is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apcot Educational Centre Pte Ltd.  It is the authorised sole distributor of Elamed’s PEMF products in South East Asia.

Learning and healthcare are lifelong journeys and a personal responsibility of each and everyone. Our healthcare systems, whilst are providing excellent medical and emergency care, we cannot deny that we are facing a health situation that is threatening to usher us into a health crisis. Looking at the figures of cancer rates in Singapore and it will send shivers down your spine.

 The truth is that we can prevent and reverse almost any disease by supporting the body’s own innate ability to health itself.  Our Healthy Healing Solutions (HHS) seminars are specifically designed to provide information on what we need to know and offer a simple model of health that can almost empower anyone to get well, stay well, and perhaps never be sick again. 

 About Us:

Apcot Educational Centre Pte Ltd was certified in GDPMDS which is based on HSA TS-01 and is part of the requirements for Importers and Wholesalers Licences that deal in medical devices. The GDPMDS defines the controls in ensuring the quality and integrity of medical devices throughout the distribution process. It specifies the requirements for a quality system used by an organisation for the handling, storage, delivery, installation, and servicing of medical devices they deal in.

Apcot also registers medical devices with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to comply with the requirements for Product Registration. Medical devices have to be registered with HSA before they are allowed to be sold in Singapore. Apcot has complied with all the various requirements as stated out by HSA, so our clients receive continued quality service and products.