Almag-02, The Home Clinical Multi-Frequency PEMF System

16 Emitter PEMF Mat, 6 Emitter PEMF Stripe, Dual PEMF Local Applicator. A Truly Powerful PEMF Home Therapy System Equipped to handle any Condition.


Almag-02, The Home Clinical Multi-Frequency PEMF System

The Almag-02 is able to emit Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields up to 20cm.

Preset with 79 Programs that target Musculoskeletal health, Sensitive Tissue and Inflammation thus increasing the Body’s Metabolism and Efficiency.

The Almag-02 has the capacity to emit PEMF Fields of Strength between 2mT to 45mT. Hence, can be used on sensitive tissue and the more robust muscles.

The device also emits frequencies either as travelling or static. It may range between 1Hz to 100Hz, thus being able to aid with traumatised tissue or improve cellular well-being.


Benefits include:

  • Improve Deeper Sleep

  • Improve Physiological, Neurological and Psychological repair

  • Improved daytime focus and executive performance

  • Heightened Strength and Stamina

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Accelerated Aerobic Performance

  • Improved Hand/Eye Motor Coordination & Synchronization

  • Improved Bone Density

  • Reduced Joint Inflammation

  • Improved Blood Oxygen Levels & ATP

  • Results in Easier Breathing at Rest & under load

  • Reduced production and accumulation of free radicals

  • Geomagnetic Supplementation & EMF Protection

Specific Programs Unique to the SEA Model includes:

  • Boost Cellular Regeneration up to 4 times faster

  • Double the Oxygen absorption within cells

  • Double the Immunity Response over other PEMF devices

    You have to try it to believe it!

Includes a Specially Compiled Training Manual for Chronic Problems

Free Shipping is Provided.

Almag-02 comes with a free full body spectrum diagnosis tool



Hailed by experts around the world as one of the Greatest Breakthroughs in Human History. PEMF has changed the lives of people around the world, so do you want to feel the change?

PEMF has had extensive scientific studies since its inception, making it well researched and proven. Purchase is by Special Order only


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