What is Cell Energy Newtrition?

The Benefits of Supplements

Looking for ways to improve your own and your family’s health and well-being?

The quality of your diet is one important place to start. Nutrition has an enormous impact on your health, affecting how you feel, how well you function, how well your body can fight infection… and how long you live. It can also play a role in preventing many diseases, cancer and certain birth defects.

There is no question that a balance diet along with good cellular health is critical to health maintenance and disease prevention. 

Different cells within the body communicate at different frequencies. Cellular degradation and damage start to occur when cells cannot optimally communicate with the body as a whole for healing and recovery. Eventually, cellular DNA is damaged and Chronic illness, disease and cancer results when it is left unattended.

However, some researchers believe that certain nutrients are deficient in soil and that as a result, the food we consume – even if its the correct food – may be lacking in some nutrients. 

A growing body of evidence suggests that dietary supplements play an important part in health maintenance. 

How do we become sick?

One condition explains your stiff fingers, aching muscles and arthritic joints. One condition lies at the root of your troublesome allergies and asthma. And one condition describes the underlying causes of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and some types of cancer. 

It is Inflammation.

Most of us understand inflammation as something that causes redness, tenderness, stiffness, and pain.  The core of inflammation is intertwined in every disease, including obesity, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.  Chronic inflammation will lead to DNA damage at the cellular level resulting in diseases.


How does food influence your inflammation, your aches and pains? Our bodies are a remarkable bio-energy machine, designed to make an assortment of pro- and anti-inflammatory substances.

Today, our diet has become seriously unbalanced.  The many foods we eat have hidden dangers that set the stage for inflammation, worsening aches and pains and increasing the risk of debilitating and life threatening diseases. When this happens. our cellular health declines in tandem with the voltage charge of the cells.

Introducing the Cell Energy Newtrition. 

Cell Energy Newtrition is a new approach to re-energise your cells back to health with Energy and Nutrition. This twin approach is backed by many years of research and have been proven to help thousands of  people rediscover and reclaim good health. (See CENT Spore for list of Conditions)

With researched based nutritional approaches and Earth-based PEMF, our entire cellular system to re-establish optimal communication for your body to be able to heal itself back to health.

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