Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)Therapy

How PEMF Works in Healing the body.

Health is an energy dance, the more you have, the better you feel. The Health of the body is dependent upon the health of the cells, as your organs and tissues are composed of them. To do this, the body requires excited state electrons to fuel the myriad of processes life demands. Electrons and voltage are intimately related, for the excited state electrons create voltage or electrical potential energy. Voltage makes the world go round in the universe of your cells with SEVEN important and related concepts that bring regeneration and healing to all the cells.

Seven Cellular Benefits of PEMFs:

1.      Recharges the Trans-Membrane Potential – Biomagnetite found on the cell membrane can convert the electromagnetic energy into other forms of energy in the body such as the sodium-potassium pump. This helps to boost the cellular voltage. Dr Warburg found that due to the constant stress of modern life along with a toxic environment and the ageing process, cellular voltage drops. People with chronic illness and chronic fatigue have a diminished cellular voltage. Cancer patients display the lowest voltage. Ever wonder why there is no heart cancer? The reason is that the heart cells have the highest voltage of any cells in the body.


2.      Increase ATP production in the mitochondria – Research shows that PEMF therapy increases ATP synthesis in the mitochondria. This increase enhances all the channels, pathways and delivery of the essential elements needed to create energy in the mitochondria: Oxygen Absorption, Hydration, Assimilation and circulation.

A damaged mitochondria is the beginning to many chronic  illnesses and diseases

3.      Enhances the sodium-potassium pump – This pump is so essential that well over 35% of the ATP produced in the cells is used to fuel this pump.  For nerve cells, its even more critical, and is responsible for nearly 70% of the nerve cell’s energy expenditure.  This is the pump that drives the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients and also the removal of metabolic waste products and other unwanted compounds (heavy metals, chemicals, free radicals etc.)

Impairment of the sodium-potassium pump is severely detrimental to the health of the cell.

4.      Increases cellular pH to make the cells more alkaline – PEMF therapy increases cellular voltage and improves pH levels keeping the body in a balanced, and slightly alkaline state (7.25 – 7.35 pH). One of the reasons why some people are so unhealthy because their bodies are too acidic.

Application of PEMF is a more direct approach to improving the body’s pH as compared to drinking alkaline water.

5.      Improves oxygen uptake and assimilation into the cells – When oxygen drops, the cells are forced to anaerobic respiration which yields only 2 ATP instead of 38 ATP. Your 100 trillion cells struggle with so little energy, manifesting infection, waste buildup, toxicity, sickness and disease.PEMF therapy improves oxygenation in many ways from absorption and the binding of oxygen to haemoglobin, to the circulation and transport to the cells, to the assimilation into the cells, and ultimately to the mitochondria to create ATP and energy.

Our special PEMF devices have unique programmes that improve cellular uptake of oxygen by up to 2 times more as compared to regular PEMF devices


6.      Lowers blood viscosity and improves circulation and microcirculation – Healthy cells have a strong positive charge on the outside of the cells, and by simple electrostatics, will repel each other. This assists in lowering blood and lymph viscosity, allowing liquids to flow more easily. Lower viscosity means wetter, thinner blood that flows more easily. This helps to naturally lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of blockage in the arteries.

After 20 mins of our PEMF devices, you will almost feel the effects of improved blood circulation throughout your whole body

7.      Creates a healthy level of electroporation (opening in the cells for improved nutrient transport and elimination.) This process makes the cells more porous or open allowing a better intake of nutrients, water and oxygen into the cells, and the removal of toxins and wastes out of the cells.

Energy is stored in the body at the cellular level in two ways, ATP and TMP. If you have a lot of backup energy, you will always remain healthy.