PEMF Seminar Dates

Attaining Wellness With Cell Energy Nutrition Therapy

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Cell Energy Nutrition Seminar Dates

 30 Dec (Sat) 11 am or 7pm

20 Jan (Sat) 11am or 7pm

27 Jan (Sat) 11am or 7pm

Contact us at +65 91133822 or email us at to confirm your attendance


Apcot Centre Pte Ltd. Block 135 Jurong Gateway #04-339 (Next to JCube)

How Cell Energy Nutrition Therapy can improve your Health <LIMITED SEATING>


These seminars provide insights into the powerful effects of common everyday food on our health and how energising and increasing your cellular Metabolism and Immunity are important keys to good health and longevity. Information about food from these seminars are safe for use and are totally obtained from latest scientific research.

  At Apcot, we will be glad to let you try our different therapy grade PEMF devices and let you experience the therapeutic effects it has on your body with no obligation.  Before you go out and buy any PEMF Therapy devices, it is important to know what a therapy grade PEMF device together with good nutrition can do to help you attain good health.

At Apcot, We believe that Cell Energy Nutrition will go a long way towards helping people to be free from chronic illness and cancer by providing other wellness seminars to better manage your health.



 Join us as we delve into true body health with the accompanying use of PEMF  Therapy to boost your health.

 Note: If you are not getting any better in your health despite following conventional diet and health routines that you are familiar with, it maybe that You may not be doing the right things. It’s Food for Thought!

The PEMF seminar will be Hosted by Peter Tan.