PEMF Therapy For Pain Relief by Bryant Myers

In this video, Bryan Meyers shares what Dr Oz calls the Biggest breakthrough in pain management he has ever seen, PEMF therapy. What is pain? Why do you experience it? The BIG problems with painkillers, and a natural , non-invasive and effective alternative that heals your body!

PEMF: The 5th Element of Health by Bryant Myers

In this Video, Bryant Myers goes over the powerful effects of PEMF that he discovered through the use of PEMF Devices and the scientific and historic studies of Ancient Medicines that recognised the use of PEMF Therapy. Yes, even ancient civilisations used PEMF.

The Effect of Magnetic Fields by Dr William Pawluk, MD

Dr Pawluk shares the scientific explanations and mechanisms behind cell function and how PEMF fits into the whole equation. Why YOU should consider PEMF!